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Strong Typing With AngularJS

on 26 Aug 2014

This article demonstrates a successful integration of TypeScript with AngularJS to provide a strongly-typed environment for development of HTML5 apps.

An OHLC Chart Component for D3

on 19 Aug 2014

An open-high-low-close chart is a type of financial chart used to show price movements in a financial instrument over time. In this post, we'll make a reusable D3 component for an OHLC chart series.

Functional Reactive Programming with Bacon.js and D3

on 23 Jul 2014

Reactive programming is a paradigm which allows you to better represent a work flow where changes in one part of your data model propagate down to other parts of the model. This blog post demonstrates an example of this, by listening for updates to Wikipedia and reacting accordingly.

A Statistical Comparison of the iOS and Android Stores

on 10 Jul 2014

A few months ago I published a blog post which showed the results of analysing the meta-data of 75,000 apps from the iTunes App Store. This blog post continues the analysis by adding 60,000 Android apps into the mix.

Schools of Testing

on 07 Jul 2014

Which school, which certificate? It’s a minefield for testers. Are any certifications worthwhile?

Swift Sequences and Lazy Evaluation

on 26 Jun 2014

In this blog post I want to take a quick look at the Swift Sequence protocol, which forms the basis for the for-in loop, and see how this allows you to write code that performs sequence operations that are only evaluated on-demand.

Latest Articles

The Game of Life with Functional Swift

by Colin Eberhardt, on 10 Sep 2014 Colin Eberhardt

This blog post shows an implementation of Conway’s Game of Life using functional techniques in Swift. This results in code which is a clear and concise representation of the game’s logic. I also take a closer look at ranges, intervals, the pattern match operator, ~= and how local functions help...

Does Scrum make the Project Manager role redundant?

by Simon Foley, on 10 Sep 2014 Simon Foley

At Scott Logic we run a lot of Agile projects and this question is asked regularly of us when we’re proposing a team structure for a new client project. In this post I’ll give my perspective on this based on our experience. We’ll focus on Scrum, but this discussion applies...

Foyer Screen Slideshow - 2014 Intern Project

by Mila Kirova, on 29 Aug 2014 Mila Kirova

As an Intern in the Edinburgh office I have been involved in creating a slideshow that conveys interesting information about the company; something useful and entertaining to catch the attention of visitors in the waiting area. The project is essentially a web application built with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

A Bollinger Bands Component for D3 Charts

by Andy Aiken, on 28 Aug 2014 Andy Aiken

In my last article (on line annotation components for D3 charts), I created a D3 component which calculated and displayed a moving average. As promised, I'm now turning my attention to Bollinger Bands.

Strong Typing With AngularJS

by David Pizzi, on 26 Aug 2014 David Pizzi

This article demonstrates a successful integration of TypeScript with AngularJS to provide a strongly-typed environment for development of HTML5 apps.

Porting Scratch To HTML5 From Flash - 2014 Intern Project

by James Hill, on 20 Aug 2014 James Hill

We’re the Scott Logic interns for Newcastle in 2014, and our project was to make a mobile-compatible version of the Scratch HTML5 player that allows offline access, and app-like immersion. This blog post is an overview of what we managed to achieve … And just to whet your appetite, here’s...