Our people

Our people’s stories give you a chance to learn more about what it’s really like to work at Scott Logic

The people behind the code


"My advice to anyone looking at a career in software, is passion, passion, passion! There is no substitute for authentic enthusiasm."

Nic, Bristol

Head of Development

"I really enjoy the social side of the company. It allows you to interact with a wide variety of people instead of just the people you immediately work with."

Steven, Edinburgh

Senior Developer

"We have excellent relationships with our clients and are able to really make a difference to the success of their projects."

Matt, Newcastle

Technical Architect

"I’ve worked with a lot of exceptional people, from both Scott Logic and our clients, which I’ve enjoyed immensely and have learned a great deal from."

Michael, Newcastle


"The office has a great atmosphere. It’s casual and friendly, but everyone has a strong desire to learn new things and improve their software development skills."

Andy, Bristol

Lead Developer

Since arriving at Scott Logic I've learnt something new every day and there seems to be no sign of that slowing down anytime soon!

Jennifer. Bristol


It’s hard for most companies to both retain staff, and keep up to date with technology, which we manage by providing our clients with the skills for digital transformation that keep our lives as technologists interesting.

Stuart, Edinburgh

Technical Architect

As a developer, I enjoy the impact I can make on projects, and ultimately people’s lives, from an end user perspective. Spending a few days a week working at the client site gives me a unique opportunity to deliver the maximum positive impact.

Bartosz, London

Lead Developer

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