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Andy, Bristol

Lead Developer

An Apple one day

I started coding as a child when my dad brought home an Apple II from work, and I tried to make a very blocky version of Donkey Kong! I was hooked, and later moved on to an Amstrad at home, and a BBC Master at school. I took Maths and Computing at university, and got my first software development job at a company in Watford, building point-of-sale software for Windows 3.1.

In it together

The office has a great atmosphere. It’s casual and friendly, but everyone has a strong desire to learn new things, improve their software development skills, build great solutions, and share what they’ve learned. At Scott Logic, we look for people who are able to demonstrate a long-standing interest in software and technology, and in learning new techniques for building high quality applications.

Most days start with emails and the daily Scrum, which ensures we all know what the rest of the team is doing, and that the Sprint is on track. Afterwards we go back to working on stories from the Sprint, collaborating and reviewing each other’s code. At lunch time I’ll usually take a break to go out for a training ride or head to the gym.

When it works it works

I worked on enough Waterfall projects in my early career to know how flawed it can be, and how much more productive we can be with Agile. I like to use various development techniques as appropriate, but some things are especially important. Good unit testing is vital (not just high code coverage). Combine that with code reviews and a reliable continuous integration build, and the result is high quality software, a happy client and a rewarding job.

Don’t forget to listen

Pay particular attention to what features the client is asking for. It may turn out that they actually want something a little bit different, but they are the experts in their domain and it’s important not to let preconceptions get in the way of understanding a problem.

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