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Bartosz, London

Lead Developer

Joining the new office

When I joined Scott Logic, it was more than joining a new place of work. Since I was among the first three developers hired for the London office, it felt as if we were creating a new company! Scott Logic has been established for 11 years, opening development centres in Newcastle, Edinburgh and Bristol. So we had the overall company structure in place already, but creating a unique London office culture was our task. The feeling we were doing something new and exciting increased as the team grew.

Working on client sites

As a developer, I enjoy the impact I can make on projects, and ultimately people’s lives, from an end user perspective. Spending a few days a week working at the client site gives me a unique opportunity to deliver the maximum positive impact. My daily routine goes beyond the morning Scrum stand-up call, and usually involves interacting with project managers, business analysts, test engineers, client developers and anyone else involved in the project or working for the client.

Discussing new product features, cross training with client developers, helping testers understand a feature, and being invited to different business discussions are just a few of many different tasks I could be doing on a given day. This unique set of interactions not only means my work is varied, but also teaches me something new every day. And knowing the individuals you work for directly on a client project can make the communication easier and helps you understand the difference your team is making.

People that inspire

One thing that’s bordering on a cliché by now is the fact that it’s the people that make Scott Logic so nice to work at. In London, we have an interesting mix of developers, designers, managers, business development team members and plenty of visitors during the week. Whether you want to learn about the latest C# features, play a game of chess or discuss the cultures of Southern America, you’ll always find people happy to join in. I’m excited to see how much more interesting and dynamic the London office will become.

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