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Daniel, Newcastle

Lead Test Engineer

The accepted way isn’t always the right way

Traditionally, testing has been done at the end of a development cycle – squeezed and pressured. Agile can be transformative and has enabled testing to be better considered as part of software development as a whole. It gives quicker feedback, identification of problems and turnaround of fixes.

Find your fit

I kind of fell into the software industry. Working in various temporary roles after leaving Newcastle University with no real idea of what career I wanted, a friend managed to get me an interview at a local software house where I started testing their software. I learnt a lot and wanted to learn more. I moved on, picking up many new skills at various companies. I moved into a development role and worked around the UK and abroad before moving back to the North East and back to testing, where I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

There are great companies out there worth working for. It might just take you a while to find the right one for you. Here at Scott Logic we encourage testers to think critically and research thoroughly so they can be confident in talking about testing in depth and with passion.

Train to gain

As a Lead Tester, my day can be quite varied: from interviewing prospective new hires and researching test automation frameworks to planning what our graduate testers will be doing and ensuring they have what they need and are happy with what they are doing. I also might think about new test ideas, making notes for blog posts when I come across something interesting, or exploring different training options for the team.

When working for a client, my first task is to plan the day and feed into that morning’s Scrum call. The rest of the day’s testing sessions would focus on re-testing bugs fixed, checking newly delivered functionality, exploring the application and making notes of potential issues and areas to explore further. Additionally I would look at writing some automated checks, either to run as part of the continuous integration or separately, to ensure regression is kept in check.

Simply the best

The best things about my job are the people, as working with smart people makes working more enjoyable, the technology, as working with modern and often cutting edge technology makes work more exciting, and the freedom to think creatively and outside the box to drive different ways to test software.

I’m currently working on testing a new trading application and one of the best things about it is that I’m learning new skills. In fact, as different projects quite often require different technological solutions, the best thing about any work at Scott Logic is the opportunity to learn something new.

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