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Jack, Edinburgh

Graduate Developer

Embrace Change

Software is a rapid business. Don’t be afraid of learning something new. My first two projects involved a bunch of languages and technologies I’d never used before. My advice would be to welcome change and be up for adapting and learning new things. Also, working hard won’t hurt your chances in software. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. No one’s going to look down at you for asking and chances are they’ll give you some really good advice.

Working on a client business priority project means I know my work has a purpose and is important. The feedback shows it’s appreciated and being put to good use. Also, it relies on using cutting edge technologies, which help expand my skillset and keeps things modern and relevant.

Choices, choices

I was always fascinated by technology and what it could do when I was growing up. Towards the end of high school it was a toss up between studying engineering and computing and I thankfully chose computing. University was a great way of focusing this interest and seeing what I could accomplish in the real world.

I’m relatively new to the job, so I’ve only really dipped my toe into the pool of tools at my disposal. Recently I’ve been enjoying Sublime Text for writing JavaScript, and Visual Studio for C#, using its intellisense tool. We track our work via Jira. By having a Jira board full of tickets and a sprint board along with it we can all see who’s working on what.

Teamwork makes a team work

The people are the best thing about Scott Logic. I felt welcome and part of the team from day one. Everyone is very knowledgeable and more importantly eager to help. During my time here I’ve always been in a team of at least two so I can spend sometime in the afternoon discussing ideas and problems for our project in a bid to find the best solution. Personally I like to have open air discussions about problems or ideas about our code as it usually creates a pretty good solution.


A bunch of us have a competitive edge at lunch time thanks to our FIFA ladder (which I’m top of). Also the variety of projects the company works on is a real eye opener to the future avenues my position could lead me down.

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