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Jennifer, Bristol


Coding creatively

Having studied maths at university, I found software development naturally appealed due to the highly logical and problem solving nature of the work. It came as a pleasant surprise to learn just how creative it can be too; we use code as the tool to craft something new. It’s really satisfying to see people using something you’ve designed and built. Also, if you’re a puzzle fan like me, you’ll find yourself in good company as there’s usually a good brainteaser on the go. My advice to anyone looking to join this industry is to get busy creating. There’s a wealth of amazing resources online and communities ready to share advice. Possibly one of the most vital skills nowadays is learning how to effectively search for the information you need.

Team Work

Before joining Scott Logic I had worked mainly as a C# developer in the engineering sector, in small, autonomous teams. Since arriving at Scott Logic I’ve learnt something new every day and there seems to be no sign of that slowing down anytime soon! I’ve been so impressed with the passion for learning and the generosity in sharing that knowledge that I’ve encountered here. There are study groups, presentations, code clubs, conferences and Meetup groups, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt so connected to the software development community. The teams are small and Agile and I recognise how  productivity increases when  teams can sit next to each other . This means it’s not unusual to see some desk swapping going on when new projects start. This helps with getting to know your teammates and further encourages people to share their experience and knowledge.


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