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Laurie, Edinburgh

Graduate Developer


I’ve always had a strong aptitude for music. I started playing at just five years old, primarily the viola but also the piano and bass guitar. Starting at such a young age led me on a path to being a musician, getting into music school at age 10 until I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Music, classical training and experience as part of a band.

It didn’t occur to me to do anything else other than music, but after around three years in the industry as a musician and music tutor, I found I wasn’t fully satisfied. I wanted to make a change.

I began studying a conversion course, an MSc in Computing. Software was again something I had an aptitude for when I was at school and I enjoyed coding, so IT made sense as a career option. Job security was also an important aspect for me and a career in software engineering provided that for me. I graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in September 2015, ready to start a career in software development.


It was a frustrating process trying to get into software as I had had some feedback from recruiters that firms were after someone who had a numerate or technical first degree. It was frustrating. But I applied directly to Scott Logic quite early on in my search when I was looking for graduate opportunities, as I had heard of the company.

It was refreshing for Scott Logic to judge me on my skill set rather than focusing on my initial degree. Scott Logic’s interview process was very cool, very different to what I’d experienced before. They had coding exercises and puzzles so that I could prove my abilities, which was a relief after being rejected for my degree choice from other companies.

In between graduating and being able to start the role, I worked to make a couple of websites in my own time to tide me over.


I’m really enjoying my role as a Graduate Developer but I still make sure I play piano every day. I don’t want my level of music to drop and I still want to have the option of being able to teach it in my spare time in the future. Being able to pursue both my passions adds to my work-life balance.

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