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Mark, Edinburgh

Graduate User Experience Designer

A stroke of luck

I went to a university open day and got on the wrong tour, so instead of just going to see the product design studios I was taken on a tour of the entire art school, which included a course called interaction design; although it involved product design, this was from a more human-centred and software-based approach.

I think my favourite technique would be paper prototyping, and getting ideas onto paper so you can start to see what they’d look like and how you’d interact with different aspects of the design.

Practice your pitch

The most impactful lesson so far I’ve learnt at Scott Logic is the various methods and approaches you can use with clients to engage them in what you’re presenting. While not used every day, the way you present can have a major impact on the outcome of projects and how owners perceive your work.

It’s a great environment to learn and be supported in here. Everyone is so friendly and open it makes it really easy to talk through the different aspects of a design and how users may eventually use some software. Sometimes I am called over by other designers to discuss projects they’re working on, or I may ask for help with what I’m working on. It’s really useful to get insight from others into the way things work and any likely effect on what you’re currently designing.

Making the most

Working within such a large team has given me the chance to work with new people on a large-scale project. The project itself has been a great first project; working within a team of designers has helped open my eyes to new techniques and ways of approaching problems.

As a graduate, make sure you’ve made the most of all opportunities you’ve had to try and produce some digital work, with a strong focus on the user and how they will use the application or website.

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