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Michael, Newcastle


If at first you don’t succeed

I originally started studying for a degree in biology, specialising in genetics, but I didn’t enjoy the course and I didn’t see my future in it, so in my second year I switched to a computing science degree. I had never even programmed before, but I did have an interest in computers and technology, and there my interest took off!

A problem shared

I enjoy facing complex problems that challenge me to write and organise code in the best possible way, working and sharing ideas with developers who have the same passion as I do. I think Agile is a great development methodology to follow. It allows us to adapt to changes in requirements and priorities quickly, and to have a quick feedback loop with our clients to ensure we’re always working towards a product that’s in line with their expectations.

I’d say the most important thing for a software developer, especially at Scott Logic, is to be passionate about technology and your work; and ready to learn. I’ve worked with a lot of exceptional people, from both Scott Logic and our clients, which I’ve enjoyed immensely and have learned a great deal from. I’m now in a position where I can take ownership of important pieces of work and be confident about how I’ve approached it and what I’m delivering.

Less haste, more speed

It’s important to take the time to plan your approach and consider all the requirements of a problem before jumping into implementation. I have a Scrum call each morning, where we share what we each did yesterday and what we plan to do that day. After that I’ll work on bugs, new features or technical tasks that are prioritised in the current Sprint. This will often involve collaborating with other developers to work out the best approach, and communicating with the client to get their input on requirements and user-experience issues.

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