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Nic, Bristol

Head of Development

Graduation is just the beginning

I’ve learnt that learning is a mindset, an attitude, and given the right environment and the right people, it’s possible to stretch yourself in ways you may not have thought possible. I did a Maths and Computer Science degree, so it was a natural step to enter the industry as a developer. Over time, that experience gave me the credibility and insight to jump into a management position.

No day is the same

My role is incredibly varied and encompasses many different aspects of life in a consultancy – with a particular focus on people. The welfare of our developers is at the heart of my job, since I’m ultimately responsible for office operations in Bristol, so talking to team members takes up a lot of my time. Interviews with candidates also constitute a significant chunk of time, as well as ‘special projects’ that tie into high-level company initiatives. This diversity means I can be pulled in different directions, from involvement with sales and marketing to recruitment and operations.

The fact I can make a huge difference to others, whether concerning the direct office environment or wider company culture, means a lot to me. All in all, there is no average day; all my days seem pretty unique.

It’s not all work, work, work

Outside of work, I co-founded the Bristech meetup to bring together some of the best minds in the South West to present on technical topics. This has led to a great many subjects I may never have come across otherwise; a favourite of mine was Dave Thomas’ talk on Agile versus Scrum.

Having grown in popularity since it started in July 2014, the meetup has also now spawned an annual conference involving eighteen speakers across three streams; all in all a fabulous event.

Software’s secret ingredient

My advice to anyone looking at a career in software, particularly at Scott Logic, is passion, passion, passion! There is no substitute for authentic enthusiasm.

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