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Ricardo, Bristol

Graduate Developer

My initial exposure to programming was through my Physics degree, and in my final project improving the data processor for a dark matter experiment. I found that I enjoyed the challenge of figuring out bits of code and looking for ways to improve them. I started following computer science lectures on YouTube and got hooked. I started some small projects and applying for jobs for after I finished university, which led me to my first interview with Scott Logic for the Graduate Developer role.

First impressions

I was immediately impressed by the trust and independence I was afforded as soon as I started working here. Everyone I’ve come across so far has been keen to share knowledge and help me progress – I felt truly valued from day one.  Since joining Scott Logic I’ve been given the opportunity to learn JavaScript and related web development paradigms. Alongside this, the graduate team has been given some beginner projects to assist with our development.

There’s always something new to learn here and through this I have realised that it’s important to let your views be challenged by other people. Hearing different perspectives is an effective way of growing as a developer. There’s a great work-life balance at Scott Logic; at lunch I go to the gym or play chess in the office. The games can get lively with a crowd shouting out the best and worst moves to you.

My advice for future Graduate Developers

 If you’re thinking about applying for a role at Scott Logic, remember that if you can show you can think analytically about problems and demonstrate that you don’t shy away from a challenge, you’re potentially a strong candidate. Scott Logic is passionate about acknowledging individual capabilities and helping you to become a successful developer – so don’t be shy!

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