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Rui, Edinburgh

User Experience Designer

Divide and conquer

I really enjoy the nature of the design problems we face at Scott Logic. While the complexity of the data can be scary initially, I find it very satisfying when you start to break down information into its constituent parts, and the design problems get increasingly more manageable. To accomplish this, we often employ different UX techniques to better adapt to the circumstances we face. Furthermore, our iterative approach, adding new elements to our design or tweaking the experience on a daily basis, allows us to focus on the details but keep track of the big picture.

Another important and positive aspect is that I am in constant communication with everyone on the project, giving and receiving feedback on the work as it’s being done and reaching conclusions on how to move forward.

Take your time

A valuable lesson I have learned at Scott Logic is to respect the time needed to fully understand the field you are working in. We deal with complex information and specialised users, who we can’t necessarily relate to directly, making it a challenge to make useful assumptions.

Reading about the subject, getting comfortable with the data, and allowing yourself the opportunity to process and integrate that knowledge are essential to creating solutions that are meaningful.

My current project deals with an interesting and complex business area that most people aren’t familiar with. Getting accustomed to the topic, gaining an understanding of its stakeholders and users, and solving its unique design problems has definitely been a highlight for me.

As a UX designer at Scott Logic you have the opportunity to be involved in all phases of a project, from gathering requirements to designing visual assets. It is essential to keep an open mind and an interest in developing a large breadth of skills.

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