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Tamara, London

User Experience Designer

Collaboration is key

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Scott Logic User Experience Designer is that you work on all phases of an application, from initial research, all the way to the delivery phase. At all stages you ensure the project vision is reflected in both the design and implementation. This requires collaboration with a variety of stakeholders including end users, software developers, business analysts, and project managers.

The first phase of a project starts with UX workshops to facilitate brainstorming with these stakeholders and establish a shared vision, setting the direction of the project and the measures of success, identifying the users and exploring how to achieve maximum business value. Ultimately, we analyse the client’s requirements and work as a team to develop the best solution.

Collaboration continues throughout the design process whether you’re working on user research, information architecture, content strategy, interaction design or visual design. Even when you’re the only designer on the project, working on wireframes and mockups remains collaborative because you share work in progress with the whole team and get their feedback to drive the project forward.

Keep learning and share the knowledge

We have experience working with complex data in sectors such as finance, healthcare and government, and every day is an opportunity to expand our knowledge and expertise in these areas. No two projects are the same. Whether you’re designing a trading platform, an intranet, a mobile banking application, or a dashboard, there are always new challenges and new things to learn.

I take pride in my work and strive to be the best at what I do. It’s essential to have a great team to learn from. Sharing knowledge is very important. I work with smart people who are extremely passionate about technology. Excellence is at the core of the company’s values. We make an extra effort to make sure everyone learns from each other and shares knowledge, especially at frequent show and tell and brown bag sessions. For example, back in July I presented a talk on ‘Body as Interface’ at Bristol Girl Geek Dinners.

Since joining Scott Logic I’ve been very proud to be part of an organisation that encourages the thirst for knowledge and facilitates knowledge sharing to allow professional growth.

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