“…I wanted to extend my thanks for all the work done thus far! Clients had – literally – jaw dropping reactions to Beta 3!”

Client, Product Manager

How Scott Logic used its experience of user interface development to
realise its client’s vision.


With more than 400 clients and a 25-year track record, the client is one of the world’s largest providers of catastrophe risk management and modelling tools to the insurance and financial services sector.


An external designer was engaged to provide user interface concepts and designs, to allow users to make sense of, and gain insights from, large volumes of data; data that was the result of complex risk models. The resulting HTML5 controls were to be used as part of a Cloud-based risk management, visualisation and
modelling application. It became apparent from the designs that the project would be technically challenging, so the client needed a partner that could bridge the technical gap between concept and reality.

Having heard of our work with other clients, Scott Logic was engaged based on our extensive experience in integrated design and development, as well as our expertise in creating modern, user-centric visualisation tools.


After an initial period of prototyping, which involved several members of the team being based at the client’s headquarters, Scott Logic took ownership of the exposure and loss analytics visualisation element of the project. Following the success of this initial engagement, the client added to the team, to allow work on the main beta stream of the application and fine tune key features for an early public demonstration.

Following this release, the team was expanded further and tasked with the design and build of a contract and covers management system and risk item manager. As well as extending the existing web application with additional controls, the team also introduced OData services and an Excel add-in to the platform.


The client recognised the benefit of using Scott Logic’s experience in creating great user interfaces by asking the team to redesign the complete look and feel of the application, and to introduce a dynamic workspace system.

As thought leaders in the HTML5 space, the client engaged an additional Scott Logic team to focus on research and development. This team was responsible for advising the client on emerging technologies that could enhance the product further, and allow the client to implement additional visualisations to improve the user experience for the product as a whole.

The working relationship flourished as it progressed, with the Scott Logic team transferring its expertise to the in-house development team. The team set up the DevOps, produced coding standards and delivered presentations for the inhouse team, all to help the client manage and enhance the application on an ongoing basis.