A multi-national offshore drilling company engaged Scott Logic to improve the visualisation of their drilling telemetry data.


Our client approached us to upgrade their telemetry monitoring system to improve the visualisation of live and historic data. When a drilling operation is in process, sensors on the drill string capture large quantities of data on measurements such as drill speed, pressure, and temperature. Our experience in the visualisation of large volumes of numeric data meant that we were an ideal choice for this project.


The client’s telemetry system was written using Silverlight and WPF. We based the visualisation component on Visiblox Charts, a .NET charting accelerator used by enterprises world-wide. It was delivered as both Silverlight and WPF components which could be used on both desktop and web.

The component consisted of a number of strip charts representing a variety of telemetry information reported from the drill string during drilling operations. The component could render up to six charts with four data series each, containing up to 72 hours of 1 second resolution historical data, a total of four million data points in all. We used sophisticated data sampling and filtering strategies to ensure users were always given an amount of data appropriate for the resolution at which they were viewing it.


The project was completed in two phases totalling three man months of effort. The first phase focussed on the core functionality of the visualisation component to be included in the telemetry monitoring application. The second phase added support for printing and annotation of the charts, as well as ensuring that the telemetry application was successfully ported to WPF.