“We wanted the app to look great and be simple and intuitive. The team at Scott Logic made things very easy for us – there was no cumbersome project planning, or long winded specification process. We were impressed at just how closely the actual implementation followed the concept designs, as well as the attention to small details and performance.”

Chris Whellams, CTO, Nord Pool Group


When Nord Pool wanted a mobile app to showcase its energy market prices, it turned to its trusted long-term partner: Scott Logic.

Scott Logic had worked with Nord Pool on many of its digital projects, including a suite of applications across its day-ahead and intraday markets.

When it came to the development of the app – however – the team were confident that a streamlined, focused approach would be the best fit for the target audience.


Nord Pool’s market prices are not just of interest to traders. They’re also read by managers, academics, politicians and journalists, amongst others.

These users take cues and pick up trends from the movements of prices, but may not immediately need the detailed information that is required by trading professionals.

Drawing on its knowledge of Nord Pool and its industry, Scott Logic knew what was needed from a mobile app: a clear and uncluttered tool that would give users the information they needed in seconds. The team set about designing an interface that would be as simple as possible.

Instead of trying to fit a large amount of information into a small screen, they focused on the most important features for the audience they had in mind.


One of the biggest challenges in any project is to make something look “simple”. Scott Logic’s understanding of how the audience would use the app enabled them to strip away superfluous features and clearly present the information that mattered.

The app was designed for the user who wants to “dip in”. It shows the latest high-level prices up-front, with small visualisations providing an overview of the underlying details. While the desktop platform supports the simultaneous view of a broad range of current and historical data, the mobile app has a narrow, current focus. While a notification alerting users that the latest prices are in may not seem revolutionary, it’s a simple effect that recognises what people want to do with the app.

Scott Logic’s experience in working with Nord Pool gave it a firm grasp of what would be ideal for the project. The team also managed the technical aspects of delivering a mobile product, including beta-testing and submission to the App Store. They also created a landing page, clearly laying out what users could expect when they downloaded it.

Scott Logic’s commitment to agile working also meant that the client could collaborate at various stages of development, and help shape its look and feel. The result was the release of iOS and Android apps that reflected what Nord Pool wanted, as well as what its clients needed.