Scott Logic was engaged by a major US investment bank to develop its single dealer platform.


  • Flex front-end widgets for configurable content and analytics
  • Java back-end (J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, RESTful web services)
  • Use of open standard CMS protocols for content publication
  • Distributed memory caching for scalability and performance
  • Third-party streaming framework for live updates


The client’s requirements for their single dealer platform had evolved significantly since it was introduced in the mid-2000s. With the platform no longer meeting the new requirements, the key challenges for the project were scalability, configurability and enterprise integration.

The client expected a significant increase in the number of users, and the platform’s services and components were not flexible enough to satisfy the growth required. The level of coupling within the platform also presented issues of maintainability and extensibility.

In addition, the client had new functional requirements for the platform; for example:


A key consideration for the client in engaging with Scott Logic was that we could provide the high-quality consultants needed for a high-profile challenging project at a lower cost than other consultancies.

We initially provided three consultants to work on the project, growing to seven (four front-end, three server-side), all working in conjunction with client development teams in London, New York and Asia. The project was developed with an Agile process with integrated monthly or bi-monthly releases across multiple work streams.


A key goal of the project was that the new platform should be scalable, flexible, and extensible. We helped the client to develop a new CMS engine tailored to provide the configurability and scalability that they required. We also integrated the platform with enterprise systems that provided support for flexible publication workflow, subscriptions, and entitlement management.

We developed a new set of services and front-end components for content delivery, to support highly configurable and customisable widget-based workspaces tailored to the needs of each user, and to provide targeted content for user profiles and individual users.


The engagement has been very successful both for our client and for Scott Logic. The development team completed a series of high-quality deliverables, all on schedule, to ensure the key goals of the project were met. The success of the project and the satisfaction of the client are reflected in the client’s decisions to increase the number of our consultants for this project, and to engage us for other unrelated projects in other business areas.