Robson Laidler, a leading corporate accounting firm, asked Scott Logic to create a bespoke iOS app for existing and prospective clients. Our UX designers and developers created an optimised user experience for both phone and tablet.


Robson Laidler, a leading corporate accounting firm, asked Scott Logic to build an app that would provide individuals with tax and finance information, allow them to perform various calculations, and facilitate their engagement with the company.

The brief from Robson Laidler was to build something that exceeded anything available from their competitors in terms of functionality, ease of use and appeal to users. Scott Logic managed all aspects of the development process from design workshops and graphics through to App Store deployment, and delivered an extremely well-received app.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Scott Logic to anyone looking for a full service iOS application provider. Their commitment and attention to detail has been outstanding. We are very impressed with the functionality and polish of the app.

Martin Wardle, Principal at Robson Laidler


We believe that stakeholders and development team must have a shared understanding of project goals, so we began with a product discovery workshop. Our user experience designers then created an application concept using the results of a detailed competitor analysis and requirements from the workshop. All design activities were performed collaboratively with the developers via design workshops, and subsequently validated and refined with the client.


We developed several calculators that were powerful but simple to use, including:

  • A payslip calculator showing tax, national insurance, and take home pay on either a per week, per month or per year basis. The calculator included rules for historic, current and future tax years, allowances and deductions, and tax codes.
  • A loan repayment calculator including an interactive Pareto chart to illustrate the outstanding loan value over time.
  • A corporation tax calculator allowing arbitrary end-of-year date entry to calculate the tax liability for companies where the financial year spans multiple tax years, a feature not supported by any of the competing apps.

Other calculators that we developed covered inheritance tax, stamp duty, child benefit taxation, car tax, and VAT.


We paid close attention to navigation, providing a slide-out multi-level menu for easy access to all content from anywhere in the app, with a carousel for calculator selection.  A second slide-out favourites menu allowed rapid access to frequently-used content, and could easily be customised by the user. All screens included an action button so that users could add items to their favourites, share content, or ask Robson Laidler a question.

To aid usability, we used gesture-driven sliders for selection of options in the calculators, and made good use of the built-in iOS numeric, date and text keypads for easy manual input.  We also developed a custom numeric keypad for the iPad to make most effective use of the larger form-factor.


We designed the app so that any updates to calculator information, tax rates, tax bands, library content and Robson Laidler’s company information could be loaded over the internet, without requiring an update of the app itself through the App Store.

Our app fetched the latest news from Robson Laidler’s corporate RSS feed. Each calculator was linked to a comprehensive library of accountancy and tax information. Integrated mapping displayed the route to Robson Laidler’s headquarters from any location.