Event puts focus on software testing

Next month, we’ll be hosting a new technology event to help STEM students navigate their career choices, in partnership with a the Newcastle University Computing and Technology Society (NUCATS).

We’ve been partnering with universities across the country since 2013 to host undergraduate Hack Days. Such events are an important facet of our recruitment strategy to attract high-calibre software developers. Following the success of these events, we’ve now devised a similar event focused on another discipline crucial to the world of software – test engineering.

The inaugural Scott Logic Bug Hunt will be held at Newcastle University’s Barbara Strang Teaching Centre on Saturday, March 18th between 12noon and 4pm. The experience-driven event is part of our ongoing focus on software testing and the expansion of our test practice.

One of those behind the exercise is Lead Test Engineer Wullie, who explained: “Scott Logic frequently hosts coding events and it was agreed a testing-focused event was beyond due. Our aim is to create a fun experience that will be worthwhile for organisers and attendees alike, as well as to raise awareness of software testing as a career and what it entails.”

During the event, teams will work together against the clock to find as many hidden bugs as possible within a specially created piece of software, and potentially win some prizes. Following the exercise, all participants will be treated to some refreshments while they get to know some of our volunteers and quiz them about their day to day roles.

NUCATS President Harry Large said: “We’re really looking forward to being able to hold this Bug Hunt with Scott Logic, one of our sponsors. When I first heard about it, I loved the idea immediately and knew it would be a great thing to be part of.

“Speaking to many of our members, they are eager to try out their testing skills in a competitive environment and haven’t experienced anything like it before. We want our members to try out a different kind of programming event and learn some new skills.

“With many different job areas in computer science, letting our members try out new things could help them realise where they want to work in the future. It’s also a really nice way for members to meet society sponsors and see how the society wouldn’t be possible without them!”

To register to take part in the Scott Logic Bug Hunt 2017, Newcastle’s students can visit info.scottlogic.com/scott-logic-bugathon.