Heriot-Watt students get the bug for testing

Testing is an exciting and creative career option, but it’s not as well known as other elements of software development.

To help students understand what’s involved in testing – and help them pick up skills and experience to boost their CVs – Scott Logic is organising a Bugathon at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh on 18 October 2017.

Students will work in teams to find and report software bugs, with the most successful team at the end of the day winning prizes.

Teams will need to work together to decide what their test approach will be, how to prioritise and gain test coverage of the features, and whether to spend time looking for a few high-impact, difficult to find bugs, or log more of the more straightforward bugs. The students will also need to consider how much time and effort to spend describing the bug in a report, bearing in mind that the reports will need to be easy for someone else to understand, recreate and resolve.

This is the second Bugathon organised by Scott Logic, following a highly successful Bugathon at Newcastle University in March 2017.

Testing is an integral part of Scott Logic’s consultancy practice, and the company’s test practice continues to expand across its four UK offices in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bristol and London.

“Testing is not very well understood as a career,” said Recruitment Manager John Wright. “It’s a great combination of technical skill, creativity and communication, but many Computer Science students tell us that they don’t cover much testing in their course.

“By taking part in our Bugathon, students can get a better idea of what’s involved in testing. They’ll have fun while and also develop practical skills and experience that will be incredibly useful to them when they graduate.”

If you are a student at Heriot-Watt, you can register to take part in the Bugathon on October 18th 2017.

Scott Logic is expanding its testing teams, and it’s recruiting both experienced software test engineers and also people looking to begin a career in testing. For more information about the career opportunities available at Scott Logic, please visit https://www.scottlogic.com/careers.