Assured Agile Delivery

Leading Complex Projects in Global Markets

Partnering with our clients, we manage the delivery of business-critical, bespoke software solutions in complex domains. We know that no two projects are the same, and our belief is that the best outcomes are achieved by adapting methods and controls to what works best for our clients’ needs. We achieve this through the pragmatic application of agile methods as the core of the process, assured by practical governance throughout the project lifecycle. We believe that this approach of agility and pragmatism allows us to maximise the value of the solutions we deliver to our clients.

We passionately believe that fostering a ‘one team’ approach to delivery is critical to success. I get a real buzz when I hear feedback from a client about how well we are teaming.

Matt Phillips, Head of Delivery


Our Beliefs

Being Agile

We pragmatically apply agile frameworks, like Scrum and Kanban, to help our clients maximise outcomes. However, we also believe there is a lot more to agile than simply adopting a framework. To make agile work we need to be agile. Being agile is a mindset, one that means being open to change, having pride in the product and developing a culture of continuous learning and improvement. We believe it is this mindset, and not a process, that cultivates high-performing teams, who in turn deliver amazing value for their customers.

Practical Governance

Practical governance means balancing the requirements of the wider organisation with the management needs of the project, avoiding the all-too-common symptom of “over-governed and under-managed”. We work with our clients to tailor the governance approach to the organisation, stakeholders and the project.

Foster Collaboration

We passionately believe that encouraging a ‘one team’ approach to delivery is critical to success. We work in partnership with our clients, and their partners, to promote a ‘one team’ approach from day one, identifying the shared goals that help bind everyone together. We also help foster collaboration through work environments that effectively encourage distributed teams to work well together.

Focus on Value

We believe that the success of a project should be measured by the value it delivers. Value is achieved when our clients realise business benefits from the solutions we deliver. We work closely with our clients throughout the project to build a shared understanding of what constitutes a successful outcome. That way, the project always remains focused on the value it delivers.

Deliver Early, Deliver Often

We work with our clients to develop an iterative and incremental release strategy that incorporates frequent user feedback into our development cycles. This helps us and our clients understand what their users really need, how they will use the product and how we can gain acceptance. It gives us the facts we need to make the right decisions for the product. Our belief is that delivering early and often ultimately drives better outcomes for our clients.

“Thank you to the Scott Logic team for their hard work, guidance and patience. We know we didn’t make it easy, but we have reached this milestone and have built an exciting gateway into the NEX Optimisation suite of services.”

Scott Feldman – VP, Strategic Projects, NEX

If you want to learn more about our Assured Agile project delivery services and how they can assist you, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.