Bespoke software development

What we do

Scott Logic is a UK based bespoke software development consultancy providing clients with software engineers, architects and project managers of the highest calibre. Since 2005 we have developed solutions for many of the world’s largest financial institutions from our UK offices.

We offer clients full flexibility with the option to increase or decrease team numbers during each project. Project teams are based in our UK offices and use Agile techniques to maintain the highest quality of communication, service and delivery throughout.

“Scott Logic is defined by the quality of its people”

Gary Scott, Managing Director


Our Approach


If personnel or time resources are tight, or you have an expertise gap in a specific technology, we can complement your in-house talent and help meet your delivery target.


Collaboration is at the root of the way we work, and as well as a considerable track record of integrating both large and small teams into projects within organisations, we have the know-how to integrate quickly and efficiently into your in-house structure and processes.


Because our service is tailored to you in an Agile way, our teams are able to work autonomously or semi-autonomously with guidance from you, according to your preference.

“At Scott Logic we don’t specialise in any one technology, but in technology itself. However, we are always guided by the same key principles…”

Rob Newsome, Head of Development

Our Principles

Take design seriously

Guided by techniques such as SOLID principles and domain driven design, we ensure that the systems we create are ultimately fit for purpose. Throughout the design process we always avoid over-engineering and favour simplicity above all else.

Code review

Code reviewing for 100% of production code is a key practice to drive quality but also collective code ownership and knowledge sharing. Our developers see code reviewing not as a ‘tickbox’ exercise, but a real chance to spot potential issues or unnecessary complication.

Automate Releases

We encourage Continuous Delivery practices, by creating a rapid pipeline from development through to test and production and keeping software deployable throughout development. Having the ability to release often and with confidence gives significant benefits. We are keen proponents of adopting a DevOps mindset and often help our clients improve their development infrastructure and processes as part of our standard consultancy service.

Continuous Integration and Automation

With the the emergence of microservices and micro-components, applications tend to be composed of numerous integrated parts. Automation of build, deployment and test is the key to being productive in such an environment. We always consider testability during design and build, and automate where possible, in order to create a productive environment where failures are spotted fast.

“…I wanted to extend my thanks for all the work done thus far! Clients had – literally –jaw dropping reactions to Beta 3!!”

Product Manager, RMS

If you’re interested in the benefits of engaging with Scott Logic and what our team of skilled consultants has to offer, please get in touch.