Big Data Technology

From Data to Insights

Enterprise-scale companies generate vast quantities of data from all manner of operational systems, with many struggling to simply keep the data flowing. Taming this data, and ensuring it’s delivered in a timely and resilient fashion, is a significant technical challenge. However, once solved, the value in it is unlocked, with insights giving rise to significant reductions in operating costs, and more informed decision making. For many businesses, the value in their data is largely untapped.

Technology is on your side. Over the past decade we’ve seen a paradigm shift in messaging, persistence and processing technologies. The classic architecture of enterprise message buses and replicated transactional databases has been superseded. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience to your business, navigating the fast moving technology landscape to design and build solutions that unleash your data’s potential.

big data

“It’s an exciting time, due to the innovation in data storage, processing and distribution technologies. There’s nothing more satisfying than showing a client a new way of solving a problem that is faster, easier and more capable than what was possible even three years ago”

Andrew Carr, Principal Consultant

We advise, build and design data solutions for:

Ingestion, Storage and Messaging

The first step in your journey toward insight is the effective collection, storage and distribution of data. With our experience building scalable data management solutions, we can help transform your architecture, creating a flexible and resilient platform.

Processing & Analysis

Historically, data processing was often performed in batch, with proprietary solutions that were slow and fragile. With modern stream-based processing frameworks, data analysis is straightforward and the results available in real time. Coupled with machine learning and predictive algorithms, insight can be generated as soon as the data arrives.


With large quantities of data at your disposal, effective visualisation is critical to decision making. With our deep understanding of visualisation techniques, and market leading front end development skills, we can assemble bespoke interfaces that bring your data to life.

Big Data Platform utilising technologies such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, Kafka and MongoDB

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