Conversational Commerce

Make your services talk

Conversational commerce drastically re-imagines the way services are delivered to customers by moving interactions into chat, messaging or other natural language interfaces such as voice. By using the latest AI technologies, we can create chatbots or conversational UIs to more effectively engage with users.

At Scott Logic, we have been exploring this trend for some time. Since then, general interest and development in this area has exploded since messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Skype have opened up opportunities for 3rd parties. Household names such as Uber, KLM and RBS, blue chip organisations such as Sage and AJ Bell, and numerous tech start-ups are all exploring this opportunity to transform everything from general e-commerce to travel support and accounting using conversational UIs.

Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and IBM are all racing to back this movement not only by opening their conversational platforms to 3rd party integrations but also by making their best-of-breed AI services available to all.

The Catch 22 of Conversational UIs
Do you need a conversational UI?

“Conversational commerce allows us to create more personal services and, thereby, improve engagement”

Graham Odds, Head of User Experience Design

Conversational commerce is a perfect example of where strong, user-centred collaboration between business, design and development can create compelling experiences with genuine business value from the latest technologies. Scott Logic has the design and development skills; do you have the business?