Data Engineering

In your organisation, data matters. Your business works in an intricate industry, and you’re under constant pressure to be flexible, resilient and yet innovative.

Scott Logic is a company built to solve challenging problems. Our business works with industry-leading clients, with high ambitions and complex systems. We can advise on the right architecture for you, and work with you to create it.

We work collaboratively, and have the confidence that comes with experience. Whether you’re building a bespoke solution, or relying on open source or commercial products, our experience ensures you’ll get the best possible system for your needs.

We can help accelerate data-flows, optimise data storage and retrieval, scale out your processing, and enable you to build for the future.

Our clients come to us because they need highly-skilled consultants that understand the latest trends. They stay because we’re a trusted partner who knows when to listen, and when to push for something transformative.

We are a company that believes in learning, and challenging assumptions. A company that believes in sharing what it knows, and supporting grass-roots tech communities. We have a passion for technology, and that passion can help your business to succeed.

“During our long-standing partnership, Scott Logic’s consultants have offered an outstanding service – sparring with us on our technology strategy and providing vital support for the development of our award-winning trading platform.”

Arne Henningsen, Head of IT Client Experience, Saxo Bank

How can we help?

Every client’s needs are different. At Scott Logic, we have worked with high-profile companies on a range of data engineering challenges.

Data lakes

Data lakes offer exciting new possibilities for your business, and could have a significant impact on areas such as reporting and analytics. We have advised clients on how data lakes can help address their challenges, and which design is best for them.

Batch to streaming

Streaming technologies are becoming more advanced and widely understood. Is it now time for you to make the leap from batch processing to streaming? Switching to the right streaming solution can simplify your operations and reduce maintenance. Whether you are looking to improve latency, processing or ease of operation, we can help you take the right path.

Single source architecture

As organisations add more systems, data can become more disjointed and harder to sift through. Many firms are now looking to Single Source Architectures to provide the solution to issues such as duplicated or conflicting data, understanding and simplifying data-flows, and reducing the effort required to fix data quality issues.

We can help you choose and build the optimal architecture to satisfy your challenges.

Scalable, resilient systems

Technology is changing fast. With so many different approaches on the market, it can be challenging to find a solution that meets your scalability and resiliency needs.

Scott Logic has been here time and time again. Our experience allows us to share what works well, explain potential pitfalls, and suggest technology that meets your requirements.

When it comes to finding the approach that works with your systems, your choice of technology isn’t trivial. We can help you get it right.

“It’s an exciting time, due to the innovation in data storage, processing and distribution technologies. There’s nothing more satisfying than showing a client a new way of solving a problem that is faster, easier and more capable than what was possible even three years ago”

Andrew Carr, Principal Consultant

Want to learn more about how we can work together to build a better system?