Architecture and Technical Strategy

Tackling the knowledge-gap

Our consultants have a breadth of skills and experience, gained from working on many challenging software architecture projects for our clients. Life as a consultant gives you exposure to a wide range of cutting-edge technologies; in contrast, full-time staff often become entrenched and struggle to capitalise on the opportunities technology presents.

In our experience, a small amount of advice from our consultants can provide significant benefits, both guiding you towards more appropriate technologies, but also helping your staff close their own skills gaps.

“No two projects are the same, and we adapt our approach based on the specific needs or requirements of each client. However, we are always guided by the same key principles…”

Colin Eberhardt, Technology Director


Our Principles

Architecture is evolutionary

It is very often that we see teams struggling with architecture decisions made in the distant past. We believe that architecture should evolve; starting small, based on an initial set of goals. As the solution grows, so too should the architecture, with its suitability continually evaluated against the original, and growing, set of goals.

Experience matters

We have been building large-scale enterprise systems, predominantly for the financial domain, for over ten years. We have experienced a wide range of technologies, architectures and approaches. When proposing an architecture to a client, you can be sure that it is tried-and-tested; we have the experience to demonstrate that it will work.

Open source, then buy, then build

Software budgets are always tight, which makes it crucial to get the biggest return on investment. At Scott Logic, we build bespoke solutions, but only where the bespoke approach adds value. Before writing a single line of code we always look for open source or commercial solutions that ‘fit’.

People matter

A good software architecture does more than just meet the needs of its end users. It also integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems, processes and the people that maintain them. When designing a solution we always consider the people who will be maintaining it in the future, taking into account their skills and experience. As a technology-agnostic consultancy, we are both versatile and flexible.

“Congratulations and thank you … this is one of the most complex things we have ever done”

Executive Director – Deutsche Bank

If you’re struggling to capitalise on new technologies, feel your team need some external help, want to move to the cloud, or simply want some external validation, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.