A robust testing practice protects your business. With the right testing procedures you can improve quality, speed up delivery, and build safeguards against future technology threats.

Our testing consultants will collaborate with you to create strong testing systems. Whether you need advice or delivery, our focus is always on creating a long-term, maintainable solution that can bring immediate benefit to your business.

We’re experienced consultants who know when to listen, and when to challenge. Sometimes businesses need disruption before they can benefit from transformation, and we will bring solutions as we identify problems.

You’ll be working with highly skilled consultants and engineers at every stage. Our people have the knowledge and creativity to develop smart systems that are easy to use and maintain – and we’re always keen to share our knowledge and help your own teams develop and thrive.

“Testing is no longer an afterthought or just a facet of software development, it’s an essential part of the delivery machine that demands a proactive approach and innovative application of both technique and technology.”

Laurence Pisani, Head of Testing

Testing services

Our testing service focuses on 3 areas: test automation, agile testing, and audit & strategy. As a software consultancy we also have a breadth of technical knowledge and experience beyond testing, which allows us to deliver complex projects across multiple specialisms.

Test automation

Automating routine tests is an excellent way to deliver large volumes of high quality testing. After reviewing your current working systems, we’ll help you assemble the right tools and processes to put in place dependable test automation.

At Scott Logic we’re tech agnostic, and our consultants have experience across a wide range of technologies and industries. You can therefore be confident that the test automation framework we put in place for you will be designed specifically for your unique set up and requirements.

Agile testing

If your development teams are already working with Agile methodology, or if you plan to move projects from waterfall to Agile, then we can help you embed testing within the same Agile framework.

Our approach to Agile testing includes automation, test-driven development, and continuous integration. In addition to helping you implement Agile testing, we can augment your team and actively deliver it too, giving you the confidence to deliver your projects more quickly and effectively.

Audit & strategy

An audit and strategy is ideal if you need to make large-scale improvements to your testing practice.

In the initial audit we will conduct a strategic review of your current testing practice, in order to assess your capabilities and identify potential risks. We can then put together a practical transformation strategy, with clear methodologies for developing the right testing practice for your circumstances and ambitions.

If you have the in-house capability, it’s then simply a case of implementing the plan and seeing the benefits to your business. Alternatively, if you don’t have the capacity, we can offer further support by delivering the plan and executing the new testing processes within your day-to-day operations.

TEST AwardsWe’re delighted to be a finalist in the European Software Testing Awards 2017, in the Best Agile Project category.

To learn more about our software testing services, please contact our Head of Testing, Laurence Pisani: +44 (0) 333 101 0020 / lpisani@scottlogic.com. Alternatively, use our website contact form: