Welcome to the first of our 2017 graduates!

We’re proud to have welcomed five new graduate developers to begin their careers in technology with us.

The group, two of whom will be based in Newcastle and three in Bristol, are enjoying an active week involving introductions to a raft of software development tools, as well as social activities such as mini golf with their new colleagues.

In Newcastle they are Adil, who holds a BA in Maths from Christ’s College Cambridge, and went on to design a custom compiler in Python while at Argon Design in Cambridge, and Craig, who has joined us from RIBA Enterprises after completing a BSc in Maths at Northumbria University. Craig also spent three months with us last year as an intern.

And in Bristol, we’ve welcomed Chris, a recent graduate of the MSc in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, Nikolaos, who also completed the MSc in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, and Ricardo, a Bachelor of Physics and Astronomy who has moved to the UK from Amsterdam.

The five will be joined in August by more graduates from universities around the country, to complete our 2017 graduate intake. Once they’ve completed their training with support and guidance from more experienced colleagues, they’ll begin to work in teams to deliver bespoke software solutions to global clients across a number of complex sectors.

Adil said he’s looking forward to, “learning, growing and being productive”, during his career at Scott Logic, while Craig, who hails from County Durham, added: “I really enjoyed the internship, so I’m just really pleased to be back, and among people that are really passionate about what they do.”

Ricardo, who moved to Bristol in August 2016 from The Netherlands, said: “I feel like I’ve won the lottery with this job because it exceeds all the expectations I had.”

Equally as enthusiastic about his new role was Chris, who’s originally from the Isle of Man and applied to Scott Logic after hearing about the opportunity through the Tech Spark Skills Festival. He said: “I’m really happy about my choice as I had a few options and I think I went for the right one. I think I’ll grow a lot in the next few years here.”

Nikolaos, who came to the UK from his native Greece, added: “I feel like my efforts are being really appreciated by all the people here.”

Our General Manager Nigel Wilson said: “As the first wave of our 2017 graduate intake shows, Scott Logic remains committed to an active graduate programme as a key part of developing and growing the business.

“By bringing in the best talent in several groups across the year, we gain the benefit of always having availability of new technologists to assist experienced teams on client engagements.

“The graduates also really benefit from being brought in in small groups that can be trained and learn together, as well as interact socially.”