A great reception at recent UX conference

Earlier this month, our Head of User Experience (UX) Design, Graham Odds, spoke about conversational commerce and user-centred service design at NUX5 in Manchester, and was blown away by the feedback he received.

The all-day Northern User Experience conference focused on how an understanding of people can help you define, design, and build better experiences both on and offline, and Graham presented on the incredible potential of conversational user interfaces in business, healthcare, and for the public sector.

Here’s a selection of the feedback he received:

@SocialSoup “Brilliant use of chat within health & after hearing at I feel there’s real possibility for good rather than just e-commerce.”

@LucyWebPrint “Great conference with some fab speakers, in particular and his talk on Chat Bots – the world as we know it is changing again!”

@AColbeck “Gr8 insight into what may become the normal interaction between users & organisations by Not Chatbots, how about Taskbots?

@UrbanHerd “Great talk by which kind of blew my mind! Lots to share with colleagues at on Monday!

@byDarren “. talk was one off those “UX team… assembbblleee!” moments. Going to be thinking about it all weekend

@Jakobu_eu “ awesome talk. Just what I want from a conference! A whole new way to think


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