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At Scott Logic, we take the development of our graduates seriously. We want you to grow in confidence, skills and impact so that your career in software gets off to the very best start. Many of our graduate recruits also move on to senior positions within the organisation, even leading the launch of specialist divisions.

Our graduate

Here’s what you can expect from our graduate programme:

Packed induction programme

Your induction programme includes presentations from our founder and senior managers, plus hands-on sessions to help you understand the kind of clients we look after and the diverse technology services we deliver.

Experienced mentors

Your exposure to our experienced consultants isn’t limited to one-off presentations though. You’ll get to meet and learn from talented designers, developers, testers and project managers, helping you understand the opportunities open to you in your career at Scott Logic.

Challenging projects

You’ll work as part of a team on intense design and build projects, created to give you hands-on experience of working in a real-life, professional environment.

Diverse technologies

Our clients trust us to develop innovative solutions to complex software challenges, so our technology-agnostic approach is key. This means that, even on the graduate programme, you’ll be exposed to a massive array of new languages, platforms and approaches.

Real industry insight

As well as tackling challenging graduate projects, you’ll get to work on broader internal projects with more experienced team members, and bolster your skills on even more progressive client projects.



Graduate Developer

Design and engineer enterprise-grade software for industry-leading clients with high ambitions and complex systems

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Graduate Test Engineer

Improve the quality of projects, speed up their delivery and build safeguards against future technology threats.

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Graduate UX Designer

Be the voice of the user on a project, and marry their needs and desires with the business’ goals, to create beautiful, effective applications.

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Meet the

Meet some of our graduate recruits

Mila, Developer, Edinburgh

“When I joined Scott Logic initially as an Intern and later as a Graduate Developer I discovered what a big impact working in a dynamic environment filled with smart people can have. This is the best part about my day-to-day job: being surrounded with friendly colleagues who possess a lot of drive and energy.”

Graham, Head of UX Design

“I was among Scott Logic’s first batch of graduates. I enjoyed having to learn on the job quite quickly because it made the work very real. Scott Logic’s standout feature for me is working with smart, passionate people. They make my life hard in a good way by challenging me to be better.”

Ivan, Developer, Newcastle

“I got a good impression about Scott Logic right from the start, during the interview process – they got back to me really quickly, and gave me feedback on the interview, which I’ve never had from any other company.

Stevie, Senior Developer, Edinburgh

“I started at Scott Logic as a graduate in 2011. The work has been interesting and varied and as the product has evolved I have encountered a wide range of unique problems, been able to work with a variety of people from within the client’s business and have had the opportunity to lead my team.”

Chris, Technical Architect, Newcastle

“At Scott Logic you have the benefit of being part of a broad team in terms of stability, but there is so much variation in the projects to get involved in and the people and clients you work with, so it offers the best of both worlds.”

Georgiana, Developer, Bristol

“The internship with Scott Logic has helped me develop, as well as proving to be both challenging and enjoyable. I feel that I gained so much from working in such a welcoming environment, alongside extremely intelligent and passionate people, that I decided to join Scott Logic full time as a graduate.”


Challenging graduate projects

Working in small teams, all our graduates get to tackle a six-week design and build project. These will introduce you to new skills and ways of working, and give you a hands-on experience of developing software in a commercial environment. Here are two examples of recent graduate projects.

Team building, development, and go-karting : my induction week at Scott Logic

This blog post, written by a graduate developer joining the Edinburgh team, reflects on his induction week experience at Newcastle. A total of sixteen graduates across UX, development, and testing joined this August, and the induction was an ideal opportunity for everyone to meet.

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Foyer screen - 2017 Edinburgh intern project

As the Edinburgh 2017 Summer Interns, Arran Rashid and I have spent twelve weeks working on a new foyer screen for the Scott Logic offices, this post describes the project and our time at Scott Logic.

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