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Our paid summer internships usually last for around 12 weeks. They’re a great way to gain experience using the latest tools and technologies, working in a team and learning from our experienced mentors.

You’ll get invaluable insight into the real world of software development within a supportive environment, and we hope it may also be the start of a longer-term relationship. Many of our interns have returned to join our Graduate Programme, and a majority of our grads go on to build successful careers in one of our four UK offices. Applications for our 2019 Programme will open in September 2018.

Meet the

Meet some of our recent interns

Mila, Developer, Edinburgh

“When I joined Scott Logic initially as an Intern and later as a Graduate Developer I discovered what a big impact working in a dynamic environment filled with smart people can have. This is the best part about my day-to-day job: being surrounded with friendly colleagues who possess a lot of drive and energy.”

Ivan, Developer, Newcastle

“I got a good impression about Scott Logic right from the start, during the interview process – they got back to me really quickly, and gave me feedback on the interview, which I’ve never had from any other company.”

Georgiana, Developer, Bristol

“The internship with Scott Logic has helped me develop, as well as proving to be both challenging and enjoyable. I feel that I gained so much from working in such a welcoming environment, alongside extremely intelligent and passionate people, that I decided to join Scott Logic full time as a graduate.”


Interesting intern projects

As an intern, you’ll get to tackle a challenging design and build project to help you develop new skills and an understanding of how to develop software in a commercial environment. Here are two examples of recent projects recently set for our interns.

Newcastle interns 2017: Desk directory

As interns at the Newcastle office we were tasked with creating an interactive desk directory to allow new employees to better acquaint themselves with their building and colleagues, with the speculative goal of replacing the company-wide internal phone directory.

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Foyer screen - 2017 Edinburgh intern project

As the Edinburgh 2017 Summer Interns, Arran Rashid and I have spent twelve weeks working on a new foyer screen for the Scott Logic offices, this post describes the project and our time at Scott Logic.

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