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Office or home working – we're flexible

The best of both worlds

Rather than describe prescriptive limits for individuals, our flexible working approach is based on trust. It is up to project teams to determine their own “working location” plan – one that works for the team, works for our business and works for our clients.  

We encourage projects teams to consider what their ideal “working location” plan might be by considering the following:

Working remotely

What activities are best suited to remote working and can be delivered effectively and efficiently when we are connected virtually?

Working together

What activities are best suited to working in a Scott Logic office where coming together face to face as a team increases our connection and opportunity to learn from one another?

Whiteboard pens

Working with clients

What activities are best suited to working with our clients in their spaces where being present increases our understanding of our clients’ needs and the impact we can make?

How we got here

As a consultancy, our first thought is to ensure our people are happy and to respect their individual needs – the excellence of our consultants is what sets us apart. Of course, we have to balance this against delivering great work for clients and success for our business. Previously, the challenge has been to align our preferred working patterns with our clients’ needs, and pre-pandemic this led to less flexible working patterns, and the majority of time spent in our office locations, or on client sites.

During the pandemic, we learned that there are many benefits to working remotely, and we learned that there are some limits. Most importantly, we’ve learned that we can be more flexible and that our customers are happy with this. Our approach now realises the potential of being productive from home along with the benefits of working in shared team environments and spending time with our clients.

The new flexible working approach is a change we’ve enthusiastically embraced. In recognition that this approach will lead to the primary purpose of offices being for team-based activities, we are currently redesigning our spaces to support and encourage flexible, collaborative working.

We have a device refresh policy that ensures all colleagues have a modern, appropriately specified laptop to meet their needs for flexible working, and our benefits package includes £200 to set up your home working environment.

Principles of our flexible working policy

Our People Promise

New working patterns should remain compatible with our People Promise: we don’t prioritise client delivery above the wellbeing of our people; and we don’t expect our people to work in locations that don’t suit their circumstances.


Scott Logic trusts consultants to do the right thing to discharge their role responsibilities. Consultants acknowledge that this may mean some variability in location from time to time to meet client and business needs.

Client focus

As a consultancy, due consideration must be given to client and team needs by all individuals, with a focus on collective productivity and quality.

Face to face

We become more meaningfully connected with one another through physically spending time together. These interactions significantly deepen and strengthen both our Scott Logic community and our client relationships. This may be collaborating in the same space, or it could be regularly socialising together.

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