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At Scott Logic, we work in partnership with our clients to deliver value to their business and the customers they serve. Assured Agile is our approach to making good on our delivery commitments.

We augment widely used and well understood agile frameworks, such as Scrum, Kanban and SAFe, with a "toolkit" of practices that together provide a foundation for successful delivery. Pragmatic application of these frameworks and practices allow us to deliver positive user outcomes, whilst maintaining effective project governance and control.

What we

Assured Agile is built on a set of key principles which improve performance and results:

Plan flexibly

Planning is a continuous, iterative activity, where plans are constantly refined as a result of greater understanding and reduced uncertainty.

Lightweight and proactive risk management

We believe in having a simple risk register with concise information and a focus on the key risks. We’re also proactive in identifying, assessing and communicating the risks.

Continuous Delivery

Adoption of the continuous delivery mindset and engineering practices brings tangible benefits, from reduced release risk and believable progress, to increased user feedback cycles and streamlined delivery.

What we<br />believe

Work collaboratively

We work in partnership with our clients, promoting a “one team” approach that makes the most of the knowledge and experience on both sides

Pragmatic Governance

We provide a "bridge" between the needs of the project and the requirements of the organisation, focusing on information that informs decision-making, manages change, and helps measure progress.

How we can
help you

Here is how working with Scott Logic can improve your agile processes, and your overall results:

If you'd like to know more, please contact our Head of Delivery, Matt Phillips

A trusted partner

Our experienced consultants believe in working alongside your team members, rather than imposing their vision on them. As one team, we will challenge each other to make projects better.

Stronger delivery

We are committed to a strong and effective approach to delivery. We can help you build a process that takes user views into account, channels the aims of both management and other stakeholders, and delivers ahead of expectations.

A clearer path to success

It is far easier to judge a project with clear aims. By pinpointing exactly what can and should be achieved, we can help you deliver a more focused and satisfying project.

From the

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