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Cloud strategy, migration and optimisation

Thinking differently: The cloud as a value driver

Discover how the cloud has become an enabler for business agility.

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Cloud technology is a proven game-changer, delivering capacity on demand, lowering operating costs, providing development accelerators, and offering new capabilities including AI and machine learning. However, the greatest benefit to be realised is that of business agility, providing a foundation for reduced time to market and rapid change.

Our consultants have proven experience in designing and building cloud solutions with the three main public cloud providers, as well as implementing hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. Working in collaboration with you, we can help you capitalise on the cloud, bringing its benefits to your business.

What we believe

Business agility through cloud

Public cloud platforms give an unprecedented level of technical agility. Their pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to experiment with and evaluate different technology solutions, and the high levels of automation allow rapid iteration and feedback. This provides a foundation for business agility, allowing you to respond to changes with a reduced time to market.

Cloud adoption, start small

Migrating from on-premise to public cloud can be a challenging and complex project. However, there is no need to tackle everything in one go. We recommend getting started with a small and ‘safe’ project to build experience and confidence.

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Manage costs from day one

The ease of service provisioning with public cloud inevitably leads to an ever-increasing consumption, and managing the associated costs can be a challenge. We recommend that costs are attributed, via tagging, from day one.

Automation through DevOps

Infrastructure as code opens the door to both Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). Our engineers work on the full development-to-operations spectrum, creating pipelines that allow for rapid and confident change.

Whether you’re just starting your journey to cloud, or are looking to capitalise on new capabilities like AI, ML and IoT, we’re here to help

Develop your cloud migration strategy

If you’re just starting your journey towards the cloud, our vendor-agnostic consultants can help you find the right public, private or hybrid cloud platform for your business. We can build a roadmap that provides a safe and reliable migration from on-premise, monolithic systems to a new cloud-based solution that leverages modern architecture patterns.

Build cloud-native solutions

Cloud technology is evolving fast, as people move from provisioning infrastructure, to using a diverse collection of cloud-native services. We can help you navigate the growing range of services, creating solutions that make the most of these new cloud capabilities.

Create efficient deployment pipelines

The on-demand nature of cloud services make them ideal for automation. We have extensive experience in using infrastructure as code to create fully automated CI/CD delivery pipelines, providing repeatable infrastructure from day one.

Manage and optimise cloud costs

Without proper cost management, cloud spend becomes hard to control. We can help you put in place cost attribution, which lets you know where you are spending money, and advise on architectural changes to optimise this.

Capitalise on the future

Moving to the cloud opens the door to a whole new wave of technology innovation. Emerging technologies and techniques like MI, AI and IoT are now much easier to integrate into your business. We can help you understand the impact of these technologies, and create practical solutions that deliver value to your business.

Public cloud partners

We are partnered with the public cloud providers, and have a team of multi-skilled consultants, with AWS and Azure certifications.

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