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Data strategy, engineering and AI

Making your data work better for you

Businesses have always thrived on insight, never more so than today. With the ubiquity of online digital services, data is broader and more detailed than ever, offering new and exciting opportunities to better understand your business and your customers, and satisfy ever-demanding regulators.

But data mining isn’t easy. As organisations expand, supported by technology innovation, the number of data sources increases, typically in silos. Understanding this data, aggregating it across silos, and providing open and secure access—while still maintaining control and flexibility—requires a broad range of different capabilities and expertise. Our data specialists understand these challenges and can work with you and your business to modernise its approach to data, driving transformational business value.


If data is to be open and shared, it must also be accurate and secure. Data lineage must be clear and understood, owners of data must be confident that their data is being consumed appropriately, and consumers of data must be confident that the purpose for which they are using the data is correct.

Data governance is an often-overlooked challenge, which is becoming increasingly complex. It is essential in the modern organisation. We can work with you to develop appropriate policies, and then collaborate with stakeholders and data owners to ensure they are comfortable with the rules and guidelines, and capable of adhering to them.


Data architecture and technology selection

There are many patterns for optimal data aggregation, transformation, storage and presentation. None offer a panacea, but many provide guidance that can benefit your approach. Experienced in warehouses, lakes and meshes, our consultants can help you design the appropriate data architecture to meet your data challenges and requirements, one that will align with your governance needs.

As experts in data technologies, we can help you make the right decisions to implement your chosen architecture, be that open source, cloud-native or a commercial product.


Scott Logic’s heritage is in the development of front-end trading systems in Capital Markets. We build intuitive systems that present vast quantities of real-time information that traders use to make split-second decisions. We know how to display analytics that can be viewed and understood in an instant, by people in the most high-pressured environments.

Research and exploration form the foundations of our designs, since problems can only be solved effectively once they are understood. We work with users to understand their needs, and shape solutions to focus on key metrics. Typically, the data is presented with comparators: averages, targets, control lines; ensuring users can quickly absorb the information provided to them in the context in which it exists. 

Andrew Carr

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