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How to cultivate tomorrow's integrated desktop ecosystem

23 June 2020

At Scott Logic, we’ve seen an emerging vision of an integrated desktop ecosystem, with various open source and vendor products – such as OpenFin, Glue42 and Finsemble – providing interoperability. However, we aren’t quite there yet.

In a new series of webinars with some of our most senior consultants, we've been discussing why your business should consider adopting these products, the range of benefits they bring, and the various challenges you need to bear in mind.

So, what difference can an integrated desktop ecosystem make?

Your traders and other financial professionals interact with a wide range of systems throughout the course of their day. Working across this cluttered application estate can be a challenge, resulting in workflows that are fractured and inefficient.

What if their desktop applications – old and new – were always up to date, and worked together harmoniously in an interface that surfaced data tailored to their needs, allowing them to respond rapidly?

Our webinar series explores this software from a wide range of perspectives, helping you and your teams assess the difference it could make in the specific context of your business, and what steps you can take next.

Find out more

You can watch the full series of webinars, download the new white paper by our CTO Colin Eberhardt, and find out more about the support we can provide here: Desktop integration - get impartial advice.