Atika Bennamane

Design Principal

Atika Bennamane

Technology has always been a passion so I decided to make a career out of it.

A visual communications graduate in 2012, I soon realised most work opportunities were digital-based so I began helping people with their websites, focusing solely on look and feel. During this time though, I met UX designers who really opened my eyes to how a site’s usability should always meet the customer’s expectations and needs.

Inspired by their insights, I took a deep dive into user research, which gave me a much more holistic approach to my design ethos. I went on to work at several companies as part of single-product teams, but now in a full-time UX/UI role.

However, I soon became aware that I wanted to experience different ways of working. That realisation led me on a search to find a company that would allow me to work on multiple products, enabling me to evolve my design abilities and develop my time and people management skills.

It was only when I arrived at Deloitte in 2018 that I became aware of consultancy’s potential for my career, as you work with a client on a project before moving on to the next in short order. I much preferred this approach as it offered a real variety of different challenges.

While I enjoyed my time at Deloitte, I had heard about Scott Logic and the many different, exciting types of products and services it worked on. Importantly, the company had a reputation for being very people-focused, actively promoting a work-life balance that is right for each and every member of staff. Scott Logic will even step in if that balance is being disrupted by an over-demanding client.

After landing a job there in 2020, I was onboarded during possibly the strangest time ever – just as the lockdown was introduced in Scotland. It meant I was working from home immediately. Thankfully, the lockdown didn’t stop me from working and I have so far been involved in projects for the fintech, commodity trading and public sectors.

I love the job as it’s always rewarding to help clients understand what they need from, say, their app and how to make the UX work for their customers. I also enjoy mentoring my team of junior designers, offering them a listening ear and helping them grow their confidence and skill sets.

Best of all, no two days are ever the same; there are challenges and variety baked into the role because you’re a consultant. I never feel as if I’m being pigeonholed or told to stay in my ‘box’.

What’s really important to me though is Scott Logic has already started talking to me about what comes next for the company’s UX strategy – and how I can help develop its remit. That represents a fantastic opportunity, and one I am really looking forward to exploring further.

If you’d like to know more about UX design roles at Scott Logic, we’d be happy to chat.

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