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We like to get out of the office. Here's where you'll find us.

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NE:Tech – May 2021

NE:Tech logo
May 13, 2021

At NE:Tech in May, Team and Leadership Coach Jon McNestrie will ask 'Do leaders dream of mental wellbeing?', exploring how leaders cope in difficult times. He'll look at how leaders have adapted for working remotely, the importance of looking after mental wellbeing, and what's in store as we start to get together again in the real world.

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Open Source in Fintech Event Series – May 2021

Stephen Goldbaum, Attila Mihaly, Roberto Di Cosmo
May 26, 2021

On Wed 26 May, join the online Open Source in Fintech event to hear two great talks: Morgan Stanley's Stephen Goldbaum and Attila Mihaly on Morphir, a lingua franca between technology platforms; and Roberto Di Cosmo on Software Heritage, an open non-profit initiative to create the largest archive of source code ever built. ​​We run the Open Source in Fintech Event Series with FINOS.

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