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We like to get out of the office. Here's where you'll find us.

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Open Source Strategy Forum

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November 12, 2020

In 'What can the Financial Crash teach us about Open Source?', Colin Eberhardt will explore the risks associated with open-source components. He'll take a deep dive into a popular open-source product, scrutinising its dependencies and software supply chain, and draw parallels with the 2008 financial crisis and our unwitting exposure to the failing subprime mortgage market.

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Colin Eberhardt

Build IT Right 2020

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November 12, 2020

Build IT Right 2.0 will be held online this year to inspire, expand knowledge and discuss emerging trends. There will be three Scott Logic speakers! Zac Rubin will share seven lessons from his first steps as a DevOps Engineer; and Mark Jose and James Leftley will give Lightning Talks.

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Mark Jose

James Leftley

NE:Tech – November 2020

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November 12, 2020

It's Security Month at NE:Tech in November. Join Faye Ellis, Senior Technical Instructor at ACloudGuru, who will share tips and best practices for the sought-after AWS Security Specialty Certification, and Jim Hooker, Head of IT Security at Newcastle Building Society, who will explore 'Cyber Security in the Supply Chain' by telling you a story of where flaws may exist in your data security and what you should be mindful of in your next tech venture.

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Ministry of Testing Edinburgh

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November 12, 2020

Join November's Ministry of Testing Edinburgh to get started with Chaos Engineering with Simon Aronsson. Modern architectural patterns make it harder than ever to get a full understanding of a system's health and resilience. How can we get assurance that our systems perform and scale if they all run, and scale, independently? As Simon will explain, we use chaos.

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