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The Code Coverage Paradox

FINOS logo
February 17, 2021

On this FINOS webinar, Enrico Trentin of DiffBlue will talk through the code metrics that actually matter, and how you can use them to identify areas of risk and efficiently improve them with manual and automated means, using examples from FINOS open-source projects and data-modelling platforms.

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South West Test #29

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February 23, 2021

As lockdown drags on (and on and on), revitalise your weary souls with a session presented by Joseph Ward from BJSS who will be looking at all things RESTful API testing. This whistlestop tour will cover basic principles, test approaches, comparisons between common tools (e.g. Postman, Tavern, and Requests), and lots more.

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tech space_

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February 24, 2021

Mark Jose will be describing his experiences of taking clients on a journey to serverless, the understanding of what it means to them and quelling their nervousness around the move.

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Mark Jose

APIs: Making GaaP a reality

Graham Odds
March 1, 2021

Government as a Platform (GaaP) describes a vision of a common infrastructure of shared digital systems, technology and processes on which public services can be built. However, many departments have struggled to align their digital strategies to this vision due to a preoccupation with inward-facing digital transformation. In this talk, Innovation Director Graham Odds will lay out a blueprint for all levels of government, from local to international, to establish digital foundations that will enable us to better serve citizens’ personalised needs at scale.

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Sustaining an Agile approach to platform development at Scottish Government

Pictures of Hugh Wallace and Richard Edwin
March 2, 2021

In this talk, Hugh Wallace, Transformation Lead at the Scottish Government, will offer his insights on introducing and sustaining a new, agile approach to platform development. Scott Logic Principal Consultant Richard Edwin will provide the supplier perspective on this partnership, drawing on Scott Logic’s experience of being delivery partner for the Scottish Government Payment Service.

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Data Mesh: what’s different about it, what it means to DWP and how you might approach it yourselves

Pictures of Charlie Boundy and Andrew Carr
March 3, 2021

Data Mesh is an emerging architectural paradigm for big data that addresses the challenges inherent in the data lake and data warehouse approaches. How easy will it be for government departments to adopt it? In this talk, Charlie Boundy, DWP Deputy Director and Head of Data Science, will set out the department’s technology and data vision and the central place of the data mesh within it. Scott Logic's Andrew Carr will describe an incremental approach that departments can take to prepare for data mesh.

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Ministry of Testing Edinburgh

Ministry of Testing Edinburgh logo
March 4, 2021

Building a "good" Test Automation Framework is not very easy. In this talk, Anand Bagmar will provide examples of various types of patterns you can use for: building your Test Automation Framework; Test Data Management; Locators/IDs (for finding/interacting with elements in a browser/app).

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Agile North East

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March 9, 2021

March sees the return of the Lightning Talks competition! There will be six 8-minute talks and you can vote for your favourites. The winners will get one of a set of amazing prizes (including a Nintendo Switch on us)!

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Open Energy: Lessons from Open Banking

Steven Steer, Paul Fitton, Jonathan Haggarty
March 18, 2021

The global energy transition is well underway. Are there lessons to be learnt from other sectors that will allow the power sector to move faster, address business concerns sooner and deliver early value to stakeholders? Join this online event to gain insights and practical lessons from our expert panel: Ofgem’s Head of Data, Steven Steer; Northern Powergrid’s Head of Information Systems, Paul Fitton; and NatWest Group’s Head of Open Banking Technology, Jonathan Haggarty.

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