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APIs as a Value Generator

API event panellist portraits
January 20, 2021

Every day, organisations like yours are finding ways to generate new value from APIs. Come and hear from our expert panel: NatWest Group's Kevin Dearing, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)'s Jacqui Leggetter, and Saxo Bank's Benny Boye Johansen. They'll share success stories, lessons learnt and practical advice based on their experiences of using APIs as a strategic enabler and value generator.

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How to create a Data Mesh with open source tools

Andrew Carr
February 11, 2021

Data Meshes promise much by moving away from the inherent challenges of data management in centralised lakes and warehouses. But with current open-source tooling, how easy is it *really* to head towards a Data Mesh? In the latest in the 'Open Source in Fintech Event Series', Andrew Carr will explore what challenges you’re likely to face, but also what’s feasible to achieve now while we wait for the tooling to catch up with this new paradigm.

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NE:Tech – February 2021

NE:Tech logo
February 11, 2021

At the first NE:Tech of 2021, NHS Developer Steven Waterman will explain how he built a website to automatically edit audiobooks using six experimental web APIs and some Soviet maths—*not* an easy task, and even harder when you want it to happen in pure JavaScript.

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