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Open Source Edinburgh - May 2023

11 May 2023

Join us in May to hear Eric Schabell, Chronosphere's Director of Evangelism, explain how to get started with Prometheus, a free and open source systems monitoring and alerting tool kit – with another speaker to be confirmed soon!

Girl Geek Dinners #91

26 April 2023

Is ChatGPT woke? Is it sexist? Is it biased because it reflects the prejudices of its creators? Is any gender bias that it has a reproduction of bias in its input data? Can generative AI be debiased using technical means? Miranda Mowbray will discuss some ethical issues of generative AI at Girl Geek Dinners in April, which we're delighted to be hosting at our Bristol office.

Open Source London – April 2023

26 April 2023

Open Source London is back and we're delighted to announce that Nomura has very kindly agreed to host! Join us to hear from speakers from VMware, Goldman Sachs, ISDA and IMCA on the topics of ‘How to Be a Good Corporate Citizen in Open Source’ and 'Harnessing the power of open source to achieve industry-wide data standardisation for capital markets'.

Techie Brekkie Bristol – March 2023

30 March 2023

When people talk about ethics in relation to artificial intelligence, what exactly do they mean? At Techie Brekkie Bristol in March, Karin Rudolph will introduce some basic concepts to understand ethics in the context of technology, how to apply some principles to the lifecycle of a project and why developers should care about ethics.

Celebrating women's career stories

29 March 2023

Join us for a Women's History Month event bringing together a panel of women with highly successful careers to tell their stories, give their advice and answer your questions. Our panel includes Charlie Charlton (Presenter, Podcaster and former senior BBC journalist), Sam Bramwell (CEO, Marra) and Myra Cooke (Chief Talent Officer, Scott Logic).

South West Java & JVM User Group – Feb 2023

28 February 2023

We're looking forward to hosting the South West Java & JVM User Group at our office at the end of February, when Steve Poole, Developer Advocate from Sonatype, will be talking about cybercrime and 'A new hope for 2023? - what developers must learn next'.

Lessons from data sharing during the pandemic

8 February 2023

Join Scott Logic and the Institute for Government in person or via live stream for an expert panel event exploring different themes and various pandemic case studies from an upcoming report entitled: ‘Data sharing during the pandemic’, with panellists from NHS England and Improvement, Local Government Association, Scott Logic and the IfG.

Techie Brekkie Edinburgh - Feb 2023

1 February 2023

Most software development teams today consider themselves to be practising some form of Agile development. But what form that takes can vary greatly from team to team, so how do you make sure you're staying agile as you evolve? David Ogle will identify common traps teams fall into and offer advice on how to remain Agile as you go forward.

Open Source Edinburgh - Nov 2022

9 December 2022

Join us for a stellar lineup at Open Source Edinburgh in November: Jonathan Haggarty, Head of Bank of APIs Technology, NatWest Group on 'APIs: Built on Open Source Foundations’; and Ricardo Sueiras, Principal Advocate in Open Source, Amazon Web Services (AWS) on 'Amazon Corretto: Back to the Future’.

Sustainable Software (and software for Sustainability)

6 December 2022

How can we develop and maintain software in a sustainable way, limiting detrimental effects on the planet and our environment? And how can software support broader sustainability goals?

Andrew Carr

Andrew Carr