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Data sharing in Government

At Scott Logic, we help government harness the power of data, and we’re proud to be supporting departments and institutions such as DWP, HM Land Registry and the Scottish Government to improve services for citizens.

As well as building innovative data platforms and designing new digital services, we work with teams across government to explore how to make sector-wide improvements in areas such as data strategy development, open source adoption, and service enhancement through data sharing.

Find out more here about some of our recent government work and explore our latest insights, including the research into data sharing during the pandemic on which we were proud to partner with the Institute for Government (IfG).

Report image - Data sharing during coronavirus: lessons for government

Download 'Data sharing during coronavirus: lessons for government'

This new Institute for Government report, produced in partnership with Scott Logic, covers in depth:

  • How the government was able to share data successfully during the pandemic
  • How the sharing of data helped to build new, much-needed services
  • Criticisms of the government’s handling of data
  • Recommendations on how to improve future data sharing, from public engagement through to legislation

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Watch: Lessons from data sharing during the pandemic

Watch the discussion by an expert panel including Principal Consultant Jess McEvoy, exploring themes from the Institute for Government report produced in partnership with Scott Logic: Data sharing during the pandemic.

Listen to the event

Alternatively, you can listen to the audio recording of the event here.

Watch: Data Strategy is not a Technology problem

Principal Consultant Peter Chamberlin explains why you can't procure your way to a great data strategy, and encourages you to think differently – focusing on the value you want to create, rather than the technology you think you need to buy. This was the keynote talk from Why you can't buy a good data strategy off the shelf, an event on which we worked in partnership with the National Innovation Centre for Data.

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