David Ogle

Senior Developer

David Ogle headshot

Some might say that I took an unconventional route into software development.

A Transport Driver with the RAF for almost a decade, I decided to reignite my passion for technology and opt for a career in coding. 

I always had an interest in tech, but never had the opportunity in school to pursue it as a career. So, upon leaving the military, I went back into education to study Computer Science at the University of Dundee in 2012. 

Whilst at university, I completed a summer internship with a company using Scrum. This started a real interest in Agile as a project methodology and I was keen to join a tech company that promoted Agile delivery.

A talk from Scott Logic’s then Head of Development was my first encounter with the business. The presentation brought to life Agile ways of working on client projects, which of course piqued my interest. Little did I know that this talk would lead to an opportunity with a company that has been my home ever since. 

The following summer, I applied for the Scott Logic graduate scheme and a couple of enjoyably challenging interviews later, I was starting my professional journey with the company. 

The learning culture at Scott Logic and my colleagues’ openness in sharing knowledge, alongside working across various client projects, helped me to get up to speed rapidly. That isn’t to say that I was completely inexperienced in this type of environment. Working in the military, I had fostered the ability to adapt and improvise solutions to problems pragmatically, which is certainly useful when working on client projects. 

Fast-forward three years to 2019 and I was promoted to Senior Developer.  

What I love about my role at the moment is the split between hands-on programming and leading the development team on a public sector project. It’s a challenge I enjoy, and supporting more junior members of the team in the same way that I was supported is very fulfilling. As has always been the case with Scott Logic, the variety of work makes the job really interesting. 

Working for a consultancy creates that variety. The ability to swap projects and technology from time to time, without the need to change jobs, keeps things constantly fresh and broadens your experience in a way that conventional roles don’t. 

The people side of the organisation is also a big positive. What’s important to me about the Scott Logic culture is the People Promise. There’s a focus on people, not just profit. I’ve never felt under any pressure to work long hours or compromise my work-life balance working here.

If I were to advise anyone who is in a similar position to where I was back in 2012, it would be that there are lots of other good ways to move into a career in software, but the foundational knowledge you get from a Computer Science degree is invaluable. It really helped me early on in my career and continues to do so. 

Despite a significant change in the industry I work in, I still lean on the communication and leadership skills from my time in the RAF every single day at Scott Logic. 

Understanding how to work well in a team, asking for help where you need it and lending a hand wherever you can without the need to be asked, are all integral in both the military and in software development. 

It goes to show that even when starting a completely new role, you will have ready-made skills to bring to the table. You just need the right environment to thrive – that’s what Scott Logic was for me. 

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