Hannah Pretswell

Senior Test Engineer

Hannah Pretswell

I fell for testing during my first post-uni job at a video games company.

I loved investigating sneaky and interesting bugs, interacting with the developers and organising multiplayer testing sessions. I knew then that testing was the career for me – however, I didn't feel I could make a proper career in the games industry. After some research, I realised testing wasn't just confined to games, but there was a whole world out there that required the skills of curiosity and exploration.

I sent out CVs but every potential employer came back, saying: “No, you’re not experienced enough”. I was stuck, and then Scott Logic gave me a chance. I think the company took notice of me because I was so honest about my lack of experience and stated that I just needed an opportunity to learn and prove myself.

Amazingly, Scott Logic decided to do away with the two years of experience and preferred qualifications that it usually wants from its potential candidates, and offered me the role of junior tester. To say I was shocked is something of an understatement. When I started in 2014, there was no formal graduate programme or training, so I was put on a project for an energy trading company straight away, learning as I went along with help from everyone around me if I got stuck.

I’ve moved up over the past six years and am now a senior tester, working with clients on projects as part of a team, often building software from scratch. I am currently working on an investment banking project using a scaled agile framework. As I have got more experienced, I have become more and more confident too, able to engage directly with clients about issues and how best to resolve them.

While I really enjoy the puzzle-solving aspect of my job, the most rewarding element is actually the human interaction – whether it’s working as part of team, partnering with a great client who is open to new ways of working, or adapting your offering to suit customers who already have their own established work processes.

Away from projects, Scott Logic now also offers a ton of training and support opportunities from courses to expand your skill sets through to guidance on public speaking at conferences. Because of the pandemic and its restrictions, I currently take part in ‘lunch and learns’, do crochet-knitting as part of a work crafts group, and play community-organised online pub quizzes.

Once lockdown is over, I’ll continue co-organising the Ministry of Testing, a monthly meet-up where people come and learn about authentic testing. All in, Scott Logic has not only helped me into an industry I love but also enabled me to find a work-life balance that’s the right fit for me and my lifestyle.

If you’d like to know more about testing roles at Scott Logic, we’d be happy to chat.

Drop an email to applications@scottlogic.com