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Harness the business potential of AI

Astonishing advances in Generative AI (GenAI) have prompted forward-thinking organisations to consider how to harness its potential to deliver business value, and how to understand and mitigate the risks it presents. At Scott Logic, we're here to help you navigate this new terrain.

De-risking AI in highly regulated enterprises

A GenAI deployment could present a range of significant risks to your organisation. Many of the risks are foreseeable but some are not, due to the uncharted nature of this new technology landscape.

Scott Logic has a long history of supporting clients in highly regulated environments in the financial services and government sectors. Matching that rich experience with their technical expertise, our consultants work with you to identify where AI can deliver the most value to your business while supporting you to identify and vastly reduce the inherent risks.

Whether you want to spin up a Proof of Concept, shape a business case, or de-risk your solution architectures for GenAI, we can help.

How we de-risked a GenAI chatbot

We delivered a successful proof-of-concept GenAI chatbot for a large retail bank. Watch this demonstration of how we de-risked the chatbot's interactions and gain insights into our recommended approach, which narrows the bot’s focus and includes a control layer which de-risks its interactions.

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Realising the value of Generative AI

Generative AI's rapid ascent into the public domain is placing unprecedented demand on organisations to navigate it wisely. In this white paper, Chief Operations Officer Matt Phillips presents a focused strategy and a role for leadership in realising the true value of GenAI, by going beyond the hype into a new technology epoch.

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How to de-risk GenAI across your enterprise

In this white paper, Technology Director Oliver Cronk presents a clear-eyed view of the potential of GenAI, an outline of the main business and technological risks, and a layperson's overview of a software architecture that can significantly reduce those risks.

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Watch 'Separating AI Hype from Reality'

In this webinar, hosted by Chief Disruptor in partnership with Scott Logic, a panel of expert presenters from DP World, Tech for Good, and Scott Logic analyse the implications of the latest AI trends, offer practical strategies that demystify the hype, and provide a pragmatic roadmap for AI business impact.

Go Beyond the Hype with our podcast

In this episode, Colin joined by Scott Logic's Technology Director, Oliver Cronk, and Chris Booth from NatWest for a lively discussion about the much-hyped ChatGPT, from its origins to the most recent advancements.

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