Molly Pace

Associate Account Manager

Molly Pace

I haven’t taken your typical route into a job in technology.

Before university, I had never really considered a career in tech but during my neuroscience degree at St Andrews, I came to appreciate how software enabled me to process huge volumes of data in very short periods of time. More importantly, my fascination with technology grew as it opened up the possibility of testing, experimentation, and modelling the brain without the use of live subjects.

After my undergraduate degree, I moved to Newcastle to teach in a High School on a charity graduate scheme. While I came to the realisation that teaching wasn’t for me, I fell in love with the North East and decided to stay in the area to do a master’s.

It was during my time on my computational neuroscience master's that I realised my interest had shifted away from neuroscience towards the power of technology, which led me to consider a job in software. Although not obviously linked, there are parallels between the fields. For example, both require an ability to look under the hood to understand the causes of physical changes. Ultimately, they are both about problem-solving and feed off a desire for understanding how things work.

Because of my newfound passion for technology, I set out to find the right company for my approach and skill sets. Scott Logic stood out because it showed a genuine interest in having different perspectives within the company as well as offering a commitment to helping its staff develop their careers.

After completing the Scott Logic Graduate scheme, that latter benefit presented itself in a new and exciting way. Having joined Scott Logic in 2019 as a graduate software developer building skills in both back- and front-end development, I was offered a secondment into the business development team in 2021.

The secondment provided me with an invaluable insight into the business as a whole, and a chance to hone my professional communication skills whilst interacting with clients directly. After being on the secondment for a year, I decided to make a permanent shift into the team as I loved that business development presented me with exciting challenges and conversations with exceptional individuals within the technology sector.

Day-to-day I look after both current and prospective clients across the public and private sector, exploring ways in which Scott Logic can help them meet their strategic goals. I love the variety in the work that I do, and the ability to drive more fruitful business conversations with my learnings from my neuroscience degree.

Away from my own personal development, I want to continue promoting gender diversity in the sector. I am passionate about seeing more women excel in technology businesses and inspire younger generations not to discount careers in technology. I know it’s an issue that is also very important to Scott Logic and I hope, together, we can help keep pushing inclusivity at every level within the industry.

Aside from my work, I love running, cycling and generally being surrounded by the great outdoors and will always welcome a conversation about any of these. Luckily the hybrid working model at Scott Logic enables me to pursue these hobbies, and our company's passion for data has even encouraged me to take a data-driven approach to running.

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