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Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

26 August 2021

The Gender Pay Gap Report gives a high-level snapshot of pay within an organisation, showing the differences in average pay between all male and female employees, irrespective of their role or seniority.

Gender Pay is distinctly different from Equal Pay and should not be confused with it. Equal Pay relates to the requirement to pay both men and women the same for equal work. Our approach to pay is gender-neutral, and we are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business.

Over the last 12 months, Scott Logic, like everyone else, has been weathering the diverse impacts of a global pandemic and the UK leaving the European Union. During the period, headcount barely changed (a decrease of 0.9%), but there were changes in the composition of the headcount as consolidation in some areas of the business was offset by hiring in others.

Our Business Strategy includes a specific focus on gender diversity, and the gender pay gap figures are reported on a monthly basis to our Executive team to ensure that we stay closer to any problems. As a result, we believe we are beginning to head in the right direction at a greater pace.

We have produced our Gender Pay Gap Report based on a snapshot date of 5 April 2021. This is our fourth annual Gender Pay Gap Report and you can download it here:

Download our Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

The report provides context and analysis of the data, and sets out some of the initiatives Scott Logic is undertaking to reduce the gap.