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Scott Logic is committed to a net zero future

21 October 2021

We’re a purpose-driven company at Scott Logic, committed to creating sustainable prosperity. It’s critically important to us that we play our part in tackling the climate crisis, both in terms of how we run our business and in making our contribution to wider endeavours.

To this end, we have signed up to Tech Zero, a climate action group for tech companies of all sizes committed to fighting the climate crisis. And we’re in good company, with organisations like Starling Bank, Citymapper and what3words being among the other signatories. Together, we’re building a network of companies committed to using technical ingenuity to accelerate our progress towards net zero ahead of 2050.

Individually as Scott Logic, by joining Tech Zero we are making a commitment to measure and publish our scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions and to set an ambitious net zero target. We will also appoint a member of our executive team to be responsible and accountable for that net zero target; as we advance towards it, we will report on and communicate our progress. 

This is no small undertaking and we know that we need help. That’s why we’re going to work with Avieco, experts in helping and empowering organisations to become more sustainable. With Avieco’s support, we will gain an understanding of our current impact on the environment, both in terms of how we operate and our supply chains. On that basis, we will set our ambitious, realistic net zero target, and shape our sustainability strategy and implementation plan. We will publish these in Spring 2022.

The importance of this collective action on the climate crisis cannot be overstated, and we’re pleased to be taking this proactive step. We will keep you updated on our progress.