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Scott Logic + ControlPlane: delivering exceptionally secure, cloud native software in partnership

26 January 2024

Scott Logic and ControlPlane have announced a new partnership that will see them combine their respective strengths to deliver top-tier expertise to clients building large-scale software products requiring a security-driven approach.

Both companies enjoy well-deserved reputations for high-quality delivery in their respective areas of focus. For Scott Logic, this is in software engineering, user experience design, technical data architecture, test, and delivery. For security consultancy ControlPlane, this is in secure cloud engineering, threat modelling, security architecture, DevSecOps, Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), and secure supply chain and automation.

Very few companies have first-rate expertise in all of these areas, so the partnership will present a compelling offer to potential clients.

Scott Logic and ControlPlane already have a track record of successful, high-quality delivery together, working in highly regulated environments. For example, both companies have worked on two key programmes supporting the implementation of the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy – delivering a payments platform and a digital identity platform – with Scott Logic leading the technical development and delivery, and ControlPlane leading on security architecture.

Scott Logic Technology Lead Pete Chamberlin said, “Working with ControlPlane on the Scottish Government programmes revealed to us exceptional levels of affinity between our two companies – the same independent-mindedness around technologies, the same ethical approach to growing our companies, and the same people-focused working culture. This affinity and mutual respect provide solid foundations for our partnership.”

ControlPlane Founder and CEO Andrew Martin said, “Scott Logic's proven ability to design and build complex, next-generation products and platforms in the cloud makes a compelling specialist proposition that meshes with ControlPlane's expertise in cloud native security and DevSecOps.”