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Scott Logic stands with Ukraine

1 March 2022

We at Scott Logic have watched the news over the past week with equal parts shock, worry and sadness that we are seeing armed conflict in Europe.

We are an apolitical business based in the United Kingdom and Europe which serves global businesses, and we have never before felt the need to take a public stance or make a public statement on geopolitical events.

Watching events unfold in Ukraine, we cannot stay silent. 

We cannot stand by and do nothing.

We absolutely deplore the violation of international law and we denounce the aggression of the Russian state against the people of Ukraine. 

We are appalled by the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine.

We stand with the Ukrainian people.

Whilst we are modest in means compared to others in the tech services sector, we have moved quickly to provide direct financial assistance to the humanitarian organisations currently on the ground.

That’s why last night we donated £50,000 to support UNICEF and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.

We commit to considering what other meaningful contributions we can make.

We implore others to help where they can.

At Scott Logic, our purpose is to create opportunity and sustainable prosperity through technical innovation. The unconscionable actions of the Russian state against the people of Ukraine go against everything we stand for.

Technology knows no national boundaries. Our two nations are deeply connected by thousands of tech companies and businesses, talented IT specialists and developers.

Bombs are targeted at Ukraine, a thriving technology community with more than 200,000 resident technologists and a total population of roughly 44 million people.

Today, they are us.

We stand with them.

Steve Foreshew-Cain