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ACTIV Financial: Market data meets JavaScript

A new JavaScript API to stay ahead in the Capital Markets sector.

ACTIV is one of the leading global providers of real-time, multi-asset market data solutions. The company has market data coverage spanning more than 150 equity and derivatives exchanges around the globe, as well as offices in Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and London.

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Smarter access to market data

ACTIV noted that its clients were increasingly interested in accessing their market data from JavaScript applications, both within node and the browser.

There was a clear and strong appetite for this offering, from clients who were developing cloud-based applications, seeking a quick way to ingest or visualise data, or building HTML5 front-end applications

Tackling the challenge, together

While it had performed some initial investigation with WebAssembly, ACTIV recognised the need for additional JavaScript expertise. That’s when it brought in Scott Logic to collaborate on the project, transforming it from a concept to a polished product.

Scott Logic’s consultants brought years of JavaScript ecosystem experience to the project, helping the ACTIV team to clearly establish what it wanted to achieve – and how this could be delivered.

The process began with an on-site workshop, in which ACTIV discussed its existing offerings, as well as its aspirations for the API. The session gave ACTIV the chance to brainstorm the potential features of the API, and explore and validate this new business case before committing to significant investment.

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Making it happen

The Scott Logic team rapidly iterated on both the JavaScript APIs and developer (end user) documentation, delivering weekly updates of both. The end result was a real showcase of the API’s features. The benefits were outlined to clients, and generated early interest when demonstrated at an industry conference.

The WebAssembly API was wrapped up in a layer embracing the latest JavaScript features and development practices. These included making use of TypeScript to ensure the API was fully documented and easily discoverable within editors, and embracing complexity-reducing language level constructs such as async/await, async iterators and modules.

The React-generated site featured tutorials, method-level documentation, a playground and examples. The playground featured a fully-functional code-editor providing auto-completion of the API, allowing users unfamiliar with the API to play and explore with zero setup. Three examples were produced, each as a standalone web component demonstrating different aspects of the API.

Delivered by Scott Logic

  • Years of JavaScript ecosystem experience
  • Rapid iteration on JavaScript APIs and developer documentation
  • WebAssembly API wrapped up in a layer embracing the latest JavaScript development practices

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Fun to work with, dedicated and real techies at heart, Scott Logic delivered the project to a very high standard. The result has already helped us open up new opportunities and conversations with clients.

Mike Dunne, CTO Activ Financial